Amber Clarisse M. Cubacub

I am a freelance web designer and communications intern for I do graphic design and web designing since the end of Junior High School. I am a Grade 12 student in this incoming school year. My intern work is always doing content and coding.

What made me do Internships?

My mom’s company hired me as a web designer intern. This company is a startup that involves annotation services. I started my internship when I was 16 years old and I was in 10th grade. My first job was to create a promotional video for the company. After that, I was assigned to update their company website at my mom’s old startup company. Until now, doing web designing is my intern life. Before I only fix the company’s website but now, I made a new website for my mom’s new company in which she is the CEO. I made the website using the WordPress platform.

Not only as a web designer/developer intern, but also a graphic artist. I made a logo for the startup of my mom and also made promotional materials like video ads and infographics. I also engage in startup events that will have the network towards other people.